Latawiec do kitesurfingu Vortex Ultra X-Ozone


Latawiec do kitesurfingu Vortex Ultra X-Ozone

Producent: OZONE
Model: Vortex Ultra X-Ozone
Cena: 12 284,00zł

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Latawiec do kitesurfingu  Vortex Ultra X,to najnowszy, absolutny top  w linii Ozone

Niesamowita, wyjątkowa maszyna o najlepszych możliwych cechach i osiągach

Połączenie najlepszych cech Edge i Enduro w jednym latawcu, wykonanym z ultra lekkiego i wytrzymałego materiału Aluula, lżejszy i mocniejszy o ok 30%



Super highly spec’d, the design developments made with this kite and the predictable, responsive nature of its flight, will help a huge number of riders improve their performance levels… not just the pros.

The Vortex is a tightly tuned, lightweight, three strut design that’s been supercharged with an Aluula airframe, double transversal canopy shaping and a 16 point leading edge bridle connection to deliver the most stable, agile and responsive big air kite we’ve ever made.

Imagine the Edge, with magic dust.

  • New school big air inspired 3-strut design with ultra stable Aluula airframe
  • 16 point leading edge bridle connection for extreme stability
  • Accessible and forgiving big air performance
  • Fast handling and fast flying with super reliable catch after a kite loop
  • Programmed for first kite loops to biggest doubles
  • Lightweight design and easy bar pressure
  • Double Transversal shaping for tight and efficient canopy
  • High-strength and low drag Technora bridle lines
  • Ride full power for max air time all day



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