Torba podróżna DUOTONE Travelbag


Torba podróżna DUOTONE Travelbag

Producent: DUOTONE
Model: Travelbag
Cena: 1 750,00zł

Torba na sprzęt do kitesurfingu, surf, foil DUOTONE Travelbag

Lekka i mocna torba podróżna na kółkach o minimalistycznym designie i niskiej wadze


Rozmiary: 90x40x35cm


Whether you’re off on a round-the-world journey or just heading out on a day trip, the Duotone Travelbag will store all you need. These stylish ripstop felt mix suitcases feature a hard bottom construction to reliably protect your belongings plus a special laundry compartment to separate used from fresh. Off you go – happy traveling!